Harrison MixBus-A Pro Audio Secret Weapon


I’ve recently started working with a new software package that I stumbled upon at the Nashville AES recording workshop. It’s not something you’ll see full-page ads about in the magazines, and some folks might think of it as an audio professional’s “secret weapon.” But if you work with professional audio, you should definitely check it out.

At $79, Harrison’s MixBus package is a heck of a good deal… even better than Audacity, which is free. But only if you own a Macintosh system, since it’s a Mac- or Linux-only application. While it is very good, Audacity isn’t a pro-level program, and Mixbus definitely is. I had trouble getting an early version of Audacity to run on my Mac, though that was awhile ago. It’s probably different now.

Harrison is a small company in Nashville that makes very high-quality consoles for broadcast and studio use. I’ve use one once, for a…

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